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Category - Plein Air Painting

Information for plein air painters. Including information on equipment such as easels, pochade boxes, drying boxes, panel carriers, portable easels.

contrast of temperature war cool

Contrast of Temperature

There are several ways to emphasize the focal point or focal area in your painting. This key discovery shows you how to use contrast of temperature to focus the eye. In this painting the flower head, which is the focal...

How to keep your oil paints from drying out 1

How to keep your oil paints from drying out

Want some valuable tips on how to save money on paint? and how to cut down on all that weight you have to carry when painting plein air? Then read this article … When I go out plein air painting, I don’t...

Creating Color Maps 20

Creating Color Maps

Why Create a Color Map? There is one technique that will help you learn more about a color in a few months than many people learn in a lifetime. Not only will it help you learn color but it will help you come up with a...