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Via Porto, Licciana Nardi, Italy

Landscape oil painting: Via Licciana Porto, by Barry John Raybould
Cat. No. 1211 Porto, Licciana Nardi, by Barry John Raybould - 14in x 11in - Oil on Board

Villages in Tuscany often have an entrance gate leading into the historical center. Licciana Nardi in the Lunigiana area of Tuscany, has a beautiful porto. The late afternoon shadow falling across this gate, together with the washing hanging outside a villager’s house, created an interesting design for this painting that I completed in a couple of hours one late afternoon.

I love the color pairs created by the light falling across the wall and the white washing. The blue shadow on the washing made a great contrast with the ochre colored walls.

Photographic Reference for the painting

Cat. No. 1211 Licciana Porto - 14in x 11in - Oil on Board - 2017 scene
The original scene
Intermediate stage
My audience

Here is a short video showing the process I used to create the painting. Enjoy!

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Via Porto, Licciana Nardi, Italy

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