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Comprehensive Online Painting Classes: The  Apprentice Program

Comprehensive Online Painting Classes: The Apprentice Program

The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program is a structured four-year program of sixteen online painting classes, that contains a total of 192 painting lessons and 350 focused assignments.

Skill Building Blocks™

Other online painting classes just teach you how to paint a particular subject such as a tree, a rock, a flower, or other objects. Or how to copy a painting completed by your instructor. When you try to paint a different subject, or use a different medium, you will not know how.

In the Virtual Art Academy online painting school we organize our painting classes around a framework of nine skill Building Blocks™. Over the course of the four-year program you will acquire skills in all nine of these Building Blocks.

The Apprentice Program Painting Classes Skill Building Blocks
Virtual Art Academy Skill Building Blocks™

In our online painting school you will get all the core skills you need in order to be able to paint any subject you want – using any media you want. You will not be limited by any style or technique.

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The Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum, designed by a working professional artist, covers the topics you would learn at a top Art Academy … and more. Each year of the program builds on the previous year.

Painting Class Content

online painting classes

Our online painting classes include 192 painting lessons each covering a critical oil painting technique, acrylic painting technique, or watercolor painting technique you need to master in order to paint well.

At the end of each painting class, there is a summary painting project to show off what you learned in the class.

In each painting lesson you get:

  • Background reading material – covering all the painting techniques and principles you need.
  • Short painting video segments – to make difficult concepts easy to understand (200 video segments in total).
  • Focused learning assignments – to help you fully master and internalize each painting technique (350 assignments in total).
  • A tip of the day section – to help you solve common painting problems.

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The Apprentice Program online painting classes are divided into four years. You can learn more about each year by choosing one of the following:

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