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Episode 3: Marrakesh Taxi Rank 1

Episode 3: Marrakesh Taxi Rank

One of the most important steps in the painting process is finding the big shapes and then simplifying them. See me doing this at 1:04 in this video.

Episode 3: Marrakesh Taxi Rank 2

Cat. No. 1317 Marrakesh Taxi Rank – Oil on Linen – 2020

In the main square of Marrakesh, the cart and horses all line up to give tourists a tour. Horses and donkeys with carts are still used in the old medina because the streets are too narrow for cars. You often see them carrying building materials to renovation building sites.
The cart drivers were very polite and always complimented me on my work. The nearest horse though just decided to start a little river right next to my easel and backpack. So I had to make a hasty retreat to avoid it getting soaked!

Here is the first stage of the painting. I designed the major shapes before adding any detail by working with broad patches of colors. By leaving it simple I could easily re-adjust the shapes to work out a design. I left the painting quite abstract.

Episode 3: Marrakesh Taxi Rank 3

Episode 3: Marrakesh Taxi Rank 4