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painting lesson on space division and composition

Unequal Space Division

Unequal space division is the one principle of composition that will improve your compositions more than any other technique. The key to this principle lies in understanding the relative proportions of the shapes in your painting.

Having a variety of sizes of shapes, rather than a lot of shapes the same size, is the secret to how this principle works.

Watch this video on composition to learn more.

What Our Students Are Saying About The Virtual Art Academy

An excellent  foundation on so many aspects of painting

An excellent  foundation on so many aspects of painting 1

“I never had formal training in painting and my style has always been very realistic, slow and not at all artistic, just a copy of a photograph.

When I got word of the course available through Virtual Art Academy, I was very excited for the opportunity to learn what I never knew about painting.  VAA has provided me an excellent  foundation on so many aspects of painting.  The course is organized very logically, provides great examples, diagrams, thorough explanations and worthwhile assignments.  I highly recommend this course to anyone with a desire for an in-depth education of art.”

Thank you again, Barry, I love this course”  Jeanne

Jeanne Strohmann

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