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The New Mengu Village

The New Mengu Village by Barry John Raybould

I love the beautiful light you get when the clouds are building up for an afternoon shower. This is a painting I did on one of my several trips to Xinjiang province in China.

Read this blog post if you would like to know more about my thinking behind this painting.

Cat. No. 1030 The New Mengu Village - 60cm x 80cm - Oil on Linen - 2016

Cat. No. 1030 The New Mengu Village – 60cm x 80cm – Oil on Linen – 2016

About the painting

On one of my expeditions to Xinjiang province in China, I came across this small village populated by Mongol people. The tin rows were a very unusual color, and gave me the opportunity to create a very interesting landscape painting with an unusual color harmony. I found the best composition was by hiking above the village, so that I could use the developing thunderstorm to provide the blue violet shapes to harmonize with the red violet shape of the roofs below me.

For more information

For more information on some of the techniques I used in this painting see

I cover color harmony topics extensively in the online painting classes of the four-year Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program.

Cat. No. 1030 scene 1500
original scene for “The New Mengu Village”
The New Mengu Village

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