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Morocco Episode 4: Marrakesh Mosque


Here’s a video showing me painting in the street. And yes, that’s a pizza box I’m using! This is the cheapest and by far the lightest pochade box on the market!

Cat. No. 1316 Marrakesh Mosque – Oil on Linen – 2020

In this painting I tried to convey the chaos and bustle of the street using lively brushwork. To hold the painting together I used the blue shape of the sky as an anchor. This shape is painted flatly and simply to contrast with the lively street scene. I also designed it as an interlocking shape to make it more interesting.

Here are two details from the above painting. This shows the principle of near music. These areas of the painting could standalone as abstract paintings in their own right. Nothing is detailed or recognizable, but painted using the technique of suggestion. When viewed from a distance the abstract shapes and brushwork convey the impression of people and bustle on the street.

You can also see the use of heavy impasto in these details, as well as the principle of warm/cool contrast of temperature.


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