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Why do students choose my Virtual Art Academy?

There are two key differences between the Virtual Art Academy and other online art schools:

  • I do not enforce any particular style of painting, as do many teachers. Instead I concentrate on the core principles that underly all great paintings. This means that if you choose the Virtual Art Academy, you do not end up being a clone of your teacher, but instead, learn to express yourself using your own voice and creativity. Just look at the variety of styles in the work of my alumni students.
  • The information in the Virtual Art Academy covers the full spectrum of information from absolute beginners, all the way to top professional level. This is why many professional artists choose the Virtual Art Academy to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and bring their painting to an even higher level.

Virtual Art Academy Professional Alumni

Here are some of the artists I have helped over the years. Some were already successful artists before they joined my Virtual Art Academy, who chose the Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program to further their skills.

Others had never painted before, and took my Apprentice Program, going from absolute beginner, to becoming a fully professional artist and selling in galleries―in only four years.

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Happy painting!

Barry John Raybould
Virtual Art Academy

What The Students Are Saying


  • Interested in the “Platinum Membership” as I am not a beginner.
    Please send more information and pricing.
    Thanks in advance
    Sharon 🌹

    • Hello Sharon,
      All of the information about the Platinum program is on our Pricing page. Unfortunately you did not leave your email address, but if you would like specific information please get in touch on our Contact page and I would be happy to help you.

  • Amazing and impressive ! Congratulations Barry on achieving such a legacy; and congratulations to all the artists.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Barry! Comes at an opportune time. I so appreciate all you have put into this program and that I have the chance to learn from the best. Take care – and again thanks.

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