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With our online painting course, our goal is to give you the equivalent or better education than you would get at a prestigious Art Academy or Art University.

Tuition and fees for an Art Academy such as the Master of Fine Art program at the Academy of Art University San Francisco will cost you $20,797 every year.

If you travel long distance to learn from a top professional painter, just a single week-long workshop will cost you between $2,000 and $3,000 taking into account the cost of tuition, air fares, car rental, food and lodging.

With our Apprentice Program you get 16 Workshops of Professional Instruction worth $40,000.

Membership Options

Membership Plans
  • Program
  • Length of Program
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Total Number of Workshops
Apprentice Lite
$49 / month
  • For Beginners who want to try out our the Virtual Art Academy
  • Program

    Foundation Program
  • Length of Program

    1-2 Month Program
  • Cancel Anytime

  • Total Number of Workshops

Apprentice Pro
$79 / month
  • Professional Structured Art Education for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels
  • Program

    Foundation Program + Apprentice Program
  • Length of Program

    3. 6, 12, 24 and 48 Month Programs Available
  • Cancel Anytime

  • Total Number of Workshops

Apprentice Platinum
$699 / month
  • Personal coaching from Barry John Raybould
  • Program

    Inner Circle - Limited to 40 Members
  • Length of Program

    As Needed
  • Cancel Anytime

  • Total Number of Workshops


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About Our Subscription Plans

No Risk. No Commitment Needed.
You are not committed to paying for the full program. Try our online painting classes for just one month, and if you don’t like them, just let us know. We will cancel your monthly payments and you will owe nothing more.

The Apprentice Program is our full Four-Year Program of 16 Workshops (12 lessons per workshop).

The Foundation Program is an introduction to painting workshop for absolute beginners. It takes from one to two months to do depending on how much time you have.

✓ All programs on month to month subscription basis – cancel any time

✓ Use with any device – phone, tablet, computer

✓ 100% secure payment

✓ Comprehensive curriculum of 192 Lessons, 40+ Videos, 48 eBooks & 300+ Assignments

✓ Online Painting Classes suitable for all levels

✓ Join our 4000 + Graduate Virtual Art Academy Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?
FastSpring is our payment gateway and you can pay via Credit card, Debit card or PayPal through them.
Is the Virtual Art Academy beginner friendly?
Yes! Our online painting classes are suitable for artists at all levels. We have a special Foundation Program for Beginners that is included in all our membership options.
Is the additional amount charged by FastSpring, VAT/GST/Sales Tax?
Yes. FastSpring is our official reseller company and it collect taxes for customers who are located in specific countries. Note: If you are a business and enter your valid VAT/GST ID, then the additional tax is not collected by FastSpring. Individuals in Europe and some other countries will generally pay VAT/GST.
Do I have to commit up front to doing the complete 4-Year Program
Absolutely not. You can just join for a month and see how you like our online painting lessons. If it doesn’t work out for you you simply cancel your subscription and your monthly payments will stop.
Do you offer refunds on membership fees?
No, sorry we do not offer refunds on monthly membership fees as we used an external payment system. But you can cancel at any time and you will owe nothing more. If you read the course reviews by our students, many students will tell you they did an exhaustive search on the internet for online painting courses on how to paint. They came to the conclusion that the Virtual Art Academy was #1 for quality, structure, and comprehensiveness.
How long does it take to complete the Apprentice Program?
It can take between 2 and 4 years depending on how much time you have available. Full time students could complete it in a year.

The program is very flexible and you can go as fast or as slow as you like.

How do the Virtual Art Academy® online painting classes compare with attending a four-year program at prestigious art school?
We provide a much broader curriculum than you would get at a traditional art school or classical realism atelier. We teach not only the skills of the traditional classical realism curriculum that were taught in the French academies, but also modern impressionist color techniques and the principles of modern art and design.

This means you are not forced into painting in just one style. You will get the skills to follow your own creativity and path and paint in any style you prefer. This is where we differ from other schools who generally focus just on one style.

How do the Virtual Art Academy online painting classes compare with attending a one-week workshop with a professional artist?
The Virtual Art Academy four year Apprentice Program has been divided into 16 workshops. Each workshop was designed to contain about the same amount of information that you would get if you attended an intensive 7-14 day workshop with a top professional artist.

A single workshop with a top professional artist would cost you $3000 for just one week, including the cost of airfare, lodging, and tuition. For the same price, with the Virtual Art Academy, you get sixteen workshops, not just one. Barry designed the Apprentice Program to be a highly cost-effective way of acquiring a lot of information that can take you all the way from an absolute beginner to a top professional level. Plus you get the added benefit that you can fit your workshops into your own schedule. You have complete control over when you do the lessons and how long you take to do them.

How do the Virtual Art Academy online painting classes compare with other online painting courses?
The key difference between the Virtual Art Academy and other programs on the internet is comprehensiveness and quality. It is the only membership site that (a) offers a four-year comprehensive fine art curriculum, and (b) is authored by a working professional Fine Artist.

Most other online membership sites are run by amateur artists (even though sometimes they market themselves as ‘professional’). The sites look very professional because they nearly always have a large marketing team behind them to promote them.

We recommend you always check out the bio or resume page of the author of the course you are buying. Some good indicators you are dealing with a professional Fine Artist are: (a) a personal artist website (not just an online teaching website). (b) documented exhibitions with other professional artists (professional artists will only exhibit with other professionals), and (c) multiple exhibitions held in museums (museums will only exhibit professional work).

If your time is valuable to you, it makes sense to invest wisely in your own education. Otherwise you could very easily pick up bad painting habits from amateur sites that you will find very difficult to get out of in the future.

How do the Virtual Art Academy online painting classes compare to Streamline Art Videos?
Barry has done extensive research (see these scientific articles) on the learning effectiveness of purely video-based instruction. Whilst these videos are undoubtedly created to the highest professional standards, hIs conclusion is that relying on purely video-based instruction is a far less cost-effective method of learning how to paint. This is the reason why he chose instead to create a much more carefully designed learning system that integrates eBooks, short and to-the-point videos, focused learning assignments, and an integrated Online Campus to help motivate students so you learn faster. He believes this is a far more effective system of learning than buying videos, and that ultimately it will cost you far less money. You can read more in this report: analysis of the effectiveness of video-based instruction.

What is the value of the information in the Virtual Art Academy program?
Over a period of thirty years, Barry personally invested over $40,000 on his own art education. To this day he still continues to invest in acquiring even more advanced information. A good traditional art academy will cost upwards of $60,000 for a four year program. His vision with the Virtual Art Academy was to be able to share all of his information with you. In this way you get the same high quality art education, but at a fraction of the cost, and in a much more structured form.

Our students have usually done a thorough search for online painting classes. They consistently tell us they have found no other online painting course as comprehensive or as high quality as the Virtual Art Academy program. You can see what our students say about the online painting classes on our student review page.

When do I get access to my lessons?
All lessons in the Foundation Program are available immediately. The Apprentice Program gives you access the whole of the Year One program of 4 workshops. The remainder of the four year program will be steadily unlocked for you in a structured process over a period of just 24 months. This means that you will have plenty of lessons to work on to keep you busy.
Is my credit card information secure?
We do not store your credit card information on our server. All of our transactions are handled by FastSpring, Bright Market, LLC of Santa Barbara, California and Bicester, England who adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are regularly audited to ensure the highest levels of data security.

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