Virtual Art Academy

Online Art Community Benefits

We have a vibrant online art community here at the Virtual Art Academy. On this page you'll find news about our community as well as the latest tips and techniques on painting. Our community is special for five reasons:
  1. Unique Ladder Of Learning™ approach gives you feedback on your work
  2. Serious students all working to the same professional curriculum
  3. Students focused on learning specific skills
  4. Online sharing of assignments
  5. Access to large online database of art knowledge and books
Thomas Ruckstuhl, oil painting city street scene

Congratulations Thomas!

It’s always nice when a graduate of the Virtual Art Academy has a major success. So our heartfelt congratulations to Thomas Ruckstuhl for getting a well-deserved 2nd Place in the BoldBrush Painting Competition...

Munsell Color System: Practical Tips

Table of Contents DefinitionWhat Is The Munsell Color SystemTip #1: Number of values 9 or 10?Tip #2: Munsell Color System and ComplementsTip #3: How To Layout Your PaletteTip #4: Use the Munsell Color System Notation In...