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Morocco Episode 2: Marrakesh Rooftops


The essence of painting is making patterns, and unequal space division is the most important principle you need to understand when you design a pattern.

In this painting, note how the sizes of the buildings are all different. There are some very large shapes, as well as some very small ones, and ones in between.

Cat. No. 1315 Marrakesh Rooftops – Oil on Canvas – 2020

The light clouded over while I was painting this, then the wind came up and blew my easel over, then the sun came out again. By which time I was frozen!

If you are interested in seeing what I was painting, see this short video clip.

Here are some micro paintings I did of the streets below the day before. And another rooftop.

Many of the buildings in the old Medina of Marrakesh have these rooftop terraces, since all the roofs are flat. They make great painting locations.


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