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The blog of the artist Barry John Raybould,  creator of the Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program, and his travels throughout the world seeking artistic inspiration.


Aulella River, Lunigiana

Cat. No. 1304 Aulella River, Bibola, Italy – 9in x 11in – Oil on Board – 2019 I painted this scene as the sun was setting over the Appenine Mountains in Lunigiana, Italy. It was a spectacular winter...

The Fountain, Chianciano 4

The Fountain, Chianciano

Cat. No. 1259 The Fountain Chianciano Terme, Italy – 30cm x 23cm – Oil on Board Here are the two phases of starting this painting. I used transparent red oxide for the background wash, and raw umber and blue...

Panicale Morning, Lunigiana 9

Panicale Morning, Lunigiana

Cat. No. 1260 Panicale Morning, Lunigiana, Italy – 14in x 11in – Oil on Board The view from my terrace in the morning in the fall. There is a river, the Magra, running in the valley ahead, and in the colder...

still life painting of wild flowers

Still Life Painting – Tuscany Wildflowers

Cat. No. 1256 Wild Flowers, Tuscany, Italy – 14in x 11in – Oil on Board I don’t often do still life paintings, but I thought I’d do one using some techniques I’ve been experimenting with...

Isola del Tino, Cinque Terre, Italy by Barry John Raybould

Isola del Tino, Cinque Terre, Italy

Cat. No. 1253 Isola del Tino, Cinque Terre, Italy – 17.3cm x 16.8cm – Oil on Linen I painted this immediately after a boat trip in the Gulf of Poets in Liguria, Italy. This is a little island just south of...