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Beach in Montenegro, by Barry John Raybould

Cat. No. 1386 Beach in Montenegro - 30cm x 40cm - Oil on Linen - 2020
Cat. No. 1386 Beach in Montenegro, by Barry John Raybould, 30cm x 40cm, Oil on Linen, 2020

Notes on technique

I painted this plein air in Montenegro one afternoon just before an approaching storm. Note the progressive cooling of the colors on the beach as you move into the distance. I kept the figures abstract in order to unify with the brushwork in the rest of the painting. The colors are predominantly warm, with the mountains providing the cool shape. Another cool shape, the turquoise blob in the group of figures counterbalanced the cool mountains, as did the small ultramarine brushstrokes in the distant beach.

Here is the reference photo:

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Barry John Raybould
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