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Cat. No. 1424 Fiascherino Beach Bar, Italy

Fiascherino Beach Bar, Italy, by Barry John Raybould

Out at Fiascherino Beach one evening, I spotted an interesting set of patterns and colors. I completed the painting in the last hour and a half before sunset.

In this video I made on one of my plein air painting trips in Italy, I talk about some ideas on composition when plein air painting, and how I explored the abstract ideas that came to me in this scene.

Fiascherino Beach Bar, Italy, by Barry John Raybould

Photographic reference for the painting

Fiascherino Beach
Fiascherino Beach

About my painting: Fiascherino Beach Bar, Italy

The basic color harmony I used was an orange and blue complementary scheme, with a minor red and green complementary harmony superimposed. Repeated color elements were the blue umbrellas and beach loungers to give some color rhythm. I avoided making anything too concrete in order to create an abstract ‘quilt’ of colors, but retaining the feel of a beach and cafe scene bathed in the warm light of the evening.

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For more information on some of the techniques I used in this painting see:

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