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“I created the Virtual Art Academy in order to make a structured academy-caliber art education available to everyone. Even if they don’t earn much money. In this way I can give students everywhere the same opportunity I had to learn to paint at a high level.”

Barry John Raybould

Barry John Raybould, author of the Virtual Art Academy

When you are investing a lot of money in your art education, you will have some important questions about who is teaching you:

Where Can I Find The Artwork Of The Person Running This Website?

Here are some paintings by Barry John Raybould, author of the Virtual Art Academy course:

  • Barry John Raybould recent paintings on Instagram
  • Barry John Raybould paintings over the years on FaceBook
  • See Barry’s Blog for recent work and background on the paintings

Has The Author Of The Course Had Their Work Exhibited In Museums? Group Exhibits With Professionals?

What Does The Alumni Work Look Like?

What Do His Students Say?

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You can also read the story of how the Virtual Art Academy course came about.