Virtual Art Academy

Brushwork: Everything You Wanted To Know About Creating Exciting Brushwork In Your Paintings


This is a package of all the six eBooks in the Virtual Art Academy® Building Block™: Brushwork.

The character and feeling of your brushwork goes a long way to increasing the pleasure and delight of the person viewing your work. How you apply the paint also determines how much carrying power and luminosity your painting will have. Whatever your media, brushwork (or mark making in the case of pastel painting), is what makes a painting a painting and not a photograph.

Course Unit 1 – Techniques
variety – thick & thin – thin darks, thick lights – impasto– large to small – point, line, and mass – glazes – feathering – palette knife – carving out – contrast – eye movement

Course Unit 2 – Descriptive Brushwork
directional brushstrokes – texture – movement – emotional mood – perspective

Course Unit 3 – Focal Areas
focus & detail – mop/rigger – freehand vs. control hand strokes

Course Unit 4 – Suggestion
suggestion – selective rendering – simulation of detail – pentimenti – transparent pigments – silhouette – accurate color spots

Course Unit 5 – Edges
hard and soft edges – lost and found edges – color changes

Course Unit 6 – Optical Color Mixing
optical color mixing – complementary, triadic, analogous color mixing – wet-in-wet adjacent brushstrokes – multicolored brushstrokes – layered washes – thick wet-on-wet layering – multi-layered wet over dry