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Plein air painting in Italy

Plein Air Painting in Italy: San Terenzo Carnevale

Plein air painting in Italy

This small sketch was done during the last half hour of sunset at San Terenzo, in the Gulf of Poets, Liguria, Italy. This is when the colors in Italy are the most beautiful.

This shows my process for quickly capturing color spots. If you want to capture the feeling of the light at this time of the day, you need to paint quickly. Painting small like this is the fastest way for you to learn color. You need to be bold with your strokes so that each stroke has a definite color. Fundamentally what you are doing is creating a patchwork quilt of harmonious color spots. The color, if accurate, will carry the feeling of the place and time.

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  • I love the combination of color, brushstrokes and balance of shapes. It’s amazing as to how it all comes together and becomes a nice painting that is so appealing to the eye

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