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Songzhuang Street 1

Songzhuang Street

Songzhuang Street 2

Cat. No. 1245 Songzhuang Street – 50cm x 40cm – Oil on Linen

I painted this in Songzhuang this week. Songzhuang is Beijing’s largest art district. Almost every building in this small town has something to do with art, and thousands of artists live here. I’ve got a lot of artist friends here as many professional Chinese painters maintain a studio here.

Songzhuang Street 3

Here is the original scene to show you how I interpreted it. The sky was a little different from in the painting because I took the photo the day after, and there was more pollution in the air, taking away some of the sunlight.

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  • The saturated red and green/teal color spots add a lot to an otherwise very “gray” scene. And the exaggerated height of the tree works well in tying it together. But I’m not sure of your focal point. Contrast and detail suggest it’s the mass of debris in the lower left, but there’s little shape distinction there and most of the “leading lines” converge in the sky area just above that. Was that intentional? Or am I missing something?