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Make Your Paintings Sing: Add Near Music

Portrait of Moerai Matuanui,by Kehinde Wiley In workshops F,G, and H in the Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program we go into some detail on how to create Near Music in your painting. This is an approach to using...

How To Paint Water So It Doesn’t Look Like A Wall

When you are painting a body of water there is one thing that most beginners miss. The end result is a lake or ocean that just doesn’t look right. It looks more like a vertical wall than a flat body of water. The...


5 Reasons Why You Need to Varnish Your Oil Painting

This article talks about how to varnish an oil painting and why you should do it. Why do you varnish oil paintings? If you want to protect your paintings it is a good idea to varnish them. Varnish protects the painting...