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Drying rack for paintings

Drying Rack For Paintings: An Absolute Must To Save Your Space

It is very useful to have a place where you can dry a lot of wet paintings. A drying rack for paintings is a unit with shelves in it that lets you slot your paintings in it to dry. You can buy drying racks for paintings from vendors or you can make your own.

Most off-the-shelf drying racks for paintings are made of steel. They are sometimes referred to as art drying racks. Home made ones are often made of wood.

This is the drying box for paintings that I use.

How do I make a drying rack for paintings?

DIY Drying Box For Paintings

There are several DIY designs on the web. For example here is a simple design using wooden dowels and a peg board.

Home Made Drying Racks For Paintings

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