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How To Varnish An Oil Painting

This article talks about how to varnish an oil painting. For why you should do it see 5 Reasons Why You Need To Varnish Your Oil Paintings.

How to varnish an oil painting

Varnish protects your painting from dirt and dust and also evens out the painting’s final appearance, making it all equally glossy or matt. 

Here is a good video on the process of how to varnish an oil painting from the Winsor & Newton company.

Comments from Barry’s Virtual Art Academy students

The small steps are easy to do

The small steps are easy to do 1

I am extremely impressed with the process that Barry has developed for VAA.  Learning to paint can be intimidating, but when broken into many small projects it is very do-able.  I just did my first live model painting session- a 5 hour, one day session.  Thanks to VAA, I was able to break the painting down into chunks- the notan; using triangulation to check drawing points; the colours- hues, saturation, values; focal point; how to mix and handle the palette.  I did not expect a masterpiece with this first session, but was pleased to get as far as I did.  I look forward to continuing with the program.  Thank you!

Kim Stepney