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Art Heals: A Potential Cure?


That’s the philosophy behind a new initiative from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which allow doctors to be able to prescribe a visit to a museum.

It has been proved that a visit at the museum increases our level of two hormones responsible of our well-being, the cortisol and the serotonin. This new prescription will be used to deal with a wide variety of physical and mental-health problems.

Thomas Bastien, director of education and wellness at the Museum of Fine Arts, notes that the museum has been working with the medical community for 20 years to try to use art to help their patients. But this will be the first time that the doctors will be able to make museum prescriptions.

What do you think of this initiative?
Source: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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  • I have witnessed others heal through art and have experienced my healing through art. There were times when I avoided art exhibits and museums. Seeing others paintings made me sad. It was because I had put my passion for painting on the back burner. I had training in art therapy and know that viewing art can bring up strong emotions. Any doctor who prescribed art needs to do this mindfully and suggest an art therapist who can be helpful if this occurs. Better yet – prescribe art therapy.

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