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Category - Plein Air Easel review

The LederEasel Kit

A compact, lightweight, artist easel and palette holder that attach onto your tripod (tripod not included). Suitable for both plein air and studio painting. Company name: LederEasel Website: Pochade...

Lite & Stable Oil Painters Package

Sun Eden Plein Air Easel

The Sun Eden Easel is a very lightweight and compact easel with a shelf on which you can rest a palette. Company name: SunEden Website: Pochade box name: Lite & Stable Oil Painters Package Type:...

Guerrilla Painter Campaign Box™

Guerilla Campaign Box

Guerrilla Painter – The Campaign Box™ is an alternative to the traditional pochade box or French easel. It hooks onto the legs of a tripod and folds out to provide palette space and materials storage. Company...

Sienna Supply/Palette Box

Sienna Supply/Palette Box

The Sienna Supply/Palette Box is a wooden box that fits onto a tripod and includes both a palette and a storage area. It is used with a Canvas/Panel holder that fits onto a tripod. Company name: Sienna Plein Air...

Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel

Winsor & Newton Bristol Easel

The Winsor & Newton Easel known as the Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel is a lightweight aluminum easel to which you can add a palette support. Company name: Winsor & Newton Website:

Take It Easel

Take It Plein Air Easel

The Take It Easel is a commercial version of a hundred year old Gloucester Easel design based on a wooden tripod construction. Company name: Take It Easel Website: Pochade box name: Plein Air...

beauport plein aire easel large format outdoor easel

Beauport Plein Air Easel

The Beauport Plein Aire Easel is an improved version of the traditional Gloucester and Andersen Easels. You can use Beauport to paint large-size canvases outdoors, in windy conditions. The extra wide foot print of the...

Soltek Easel Comparison

Soltek Plein Air Easel

The Soltek Easel is an aluminium constructed and lighter update to the traditional french easel design. Company name: Soltek Easel Website: Pochade box name: Soltek Easel Type: Aluminum Box Easel...

Black Anodized EaselAir

Easel Air

The EaselAir plein air easel has an aluminium construction that is much lighter than  a comparable box French easel, with basically the same concept. Company name: EaselAir Website:  Pochade box name: EaselAir...

Yarka russian easel

Yarka Plein Air Easel

The Yarka Russian Easel is an alternative design to a French Easel and is like a Pochade Box with its own integrated legs. Company name: Podolsk-Art Website: not available Pochade box name: Yarka Russian Easel...