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Sienna Supply/Palette Box

Sienna Supply/Palette Box

The Sienna Supply/Palette Box is a wooden box that fits onto a tripod and includes both a palette and a storage area. It is used with a Canvas/Panel holder that fits onto a tripod.

Company name: Sienna Plein Air


Pochade box name: Sienna Supply/Palette Box

Type: Palette Boxes/PanelSupport

Price range: $150-$200

Weight: 5.5lb 2.5kg

Palette size: 10″x 12″, 25.5cm x 30.5cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 3.5 stars (based on 2 ratings)



The Supply /Palette box has a 10″ x 12″ tempered glass palette, storage compartments for paints and brushes, and folding brush holder accessory trays.

The Supply/Palette Box features a removable
10” x 12” (25.5 cm x 30.5 cm) tempered glass palette which offers a spacious area for mixing oils and acrylics.

The tempered glass palette can also be replaced with the Sienna Watercolor Palette.

The palette tray slides forward to reveal three large compartments. Two 3 ¾” x 12” (9.5 cm x 30.5cm) compartments can hold a large quantity of paint tubes and other supplies.

The smaller 2 ½” x 12” (6.5 cm x 30.5 cm) compartment can hold a large assortment of brushes and palette knives.

There are two 6” x 10 ½” (15 cm x 26,5 cm) folding brush holder accessory trays where you can keep all your brushes, brush cleaner, and other supplies within convenient reach. The folding trays also serve as a palette cover to keep your paint protected during transport.

Canvas Panel Holder

The Canvas/Panel Holder can hold stretched canvas and painting panels from 8” up to 30” tall (20 cm to 76 cm)

Rubber canvas holders will securely hold ¾”, 1 ½”, and 2” thick canvas. The panel clips will securely hold ¼” painting panels.

The Canvas/Panel Holder is secured on a standard 1/4 x 20 tripod ballhead. It attaches in seconds and is adjustable to any angle including flat for watercolor.


The box is made of wood. The palette is made of tempered glass.

How to set it up

The Supply/Palette Box is designed to sit on the front legs of the Sienna Tripod.

Two adjustable tripod clamping blocks allow you to adjust the height of the Supply/Palette Box on your tripod.

The Supply/Palette Box was designed to work in unison with the Canvas/Panel Holder (sold separately).

You can also use the Supply/Palette Box as a portable tabletop palette for the studio, art class, or workshop. Four rubber bumper feet keep the palette firmly in place while you’re working.


The Supply/Pallete Box is compatible with the Sienna Ultimate Backpack.

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Reviews of Sienna Supply/Palette Box


This box is quite heavy for a relatively small palette. The built in storage box adds to the weight. However it does have a sturdy panel holder and so may be suitable for car travel. For hiking it is very low on the palette area to weight efficiency ratio.

Barry Raybould

I have the compact smaller

I have the compact smaller Sienna Panel Holder and have found it to be the most stable of the panel holders. It is the easiest to use with just one adjustment. I can press hard and vigorously even with a palette knife and it doesn’t wobble at all. The smaller compact one is only 1.5… Read more “I have the compact smaller”

Catherine Cabbell

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