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Yarka russian easel
Yarka Russian Easel

Yarka Plein Air Easel

The Yarka Russian Easel is an alternative design to a French Easel and is like a Pochade Box with its own integrated legs.

Company name: Podolsk-Art

Website: not available

Pochade box name: Yarka Russian Easel

Type: Russian Easel

Price range: $250

Weight: 7lb,  3.1kg

Palette size: 11″x 16″, 28cm x 40cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 4.3 stars (based on 3 ratings)


This easel is known as a Yarka “Russian French Easel”. It was distributed in the US for a short while during the nineties. It was distributed at that time by Jerry’s Artarama, and Jack Richeson & Co. The name of the Russian manufacture is Podolsk-Art. The Yarka comes in several sizes. The medium size measures 11 x 16 x 4 inches deep.
Yarka russian easel


It has a wooden palette and another piece of wood inside the lid. It has a much better system than a French Easel system for holding your palette since the palette sits on top of the larger tray, or you can remove the compartments and put the palette actually inside the box.

How to set it up

The canvas sits on the hinges just above the palette for large works, or on the two metal pieces that swivel out from inside the lid for smaller work or to raise the work higher. There are two metal rods that clamp the top of the panels to secure it in place. These rods also hold the lid shut when closing the box. It is a very simple but functional design.


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Reviews of Yarka Russian Easel


The Yarka is a good basic easel and I have used it in the past. It is lighter than a French Easel, but offers more palette space. It is a little short for me though and you need extra fittings to make it work with small panels. The legs can be a bit awkward too… Read more “Basic”

Barry Raybould

Подольский этюдник- мольберт Yarka

Приобрел летом 1973 года в г.Москве. Использовал для написания маленьких этюдов и набросков.В процессе эксплуатации выполнял мелкий ремонт этюдника.Использую в настоящее время для “быстрых” поездок. Acquired in the summer of 1973 in Moscow. Used to write small sketches and sketches. In the process of operation, he made minor repairs to the sketchbook. I am currently… Read more “Подольский этюдник- мольберт Yarka”

Сергей Павлович Лебехов-Петергофер

Yarka Easel

I started out with a Yarka Easel that I bought on eBay before I knew what I was doing. I have moved on to a more sophisticated easel since, but when I need my Yarka nothing else will do. It has strapes that make it easy to carry and it’s not that heavy. When I’m… Read more “Yarka Easel”

Betty Thomas
United States

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