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Easel Sketch Box M23
Easel Sketch Box M23

Mabef M23 Sketch Box

The Mabef Easel Sketch Box M/23 is the compact version of a traditional french easel design.

Company name: Mabef


Pochade box name: Mabef Easels Sketch Box M/23

Type: Pochade Box

Price range: $459

Weight:  11 lbs, 5 Kg

Palette size: 12″x16″, 30cm x 41cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 3.5 stars (based on 2 ratings)


The design is basically that of a traditional french easel but in a narrower format. Features include:
• a canvas holder which you can adjust to any angle between vertical and horizontal. This is well suited for painting on a stretched canvas.
• a folding palette
• a 4 compartment tin-lined sliding accessory drawer
• adjustable leather shoulder straps for backpacking

Mabef Easel Sketch Box M23
Mabef Easel Sketch Box M23


The easel is constructed of oiled, stain-resistant beech wood. The wood is certified green which is nice. These easels are typically quite robust and long lasting. With a simple construction there is not much to go wrong.

How to set it up


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To compare it with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.


Robust, but problems with palette

This is a nice robust easel that holds large panels quite steady. Its main disadvantage is the difficulty of fixing a large palette to the very narrow tray. Because of the narrow width, the setup is unstable. You basically have to clamp a palette onto the tray, an altogether messy procedure. Also the mechanism for… Read more “Robust, but problems with palette”

Barry Raybould,

The traditional half-box

The Mabef half-box easel is a practical way of carrying all that you need for painting and it comes with a straps for shoulder mounting. It allows various sizes of boards and canvas and the folding palette gives a decent amount of space for colour mixing. Storage space is a bit limited and arguably works… Read more “The traditional half-box”

David Howell

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