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Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel
Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel

Winsor Newton Easel – Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel

The Winsor & Newton Easel known as the Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel is a lightweight aluminum easel to which you can add a palette support.

Company name: Winsor & Newton


Pochade box name: Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel

Type: Aluminum Easel

Price range:  $90

Weight:  2.09lb 0.95kg

Palette size: 16″x 24″, 40cm x 60cm

Construction: Aluminium

Average Rating: 3.8 stars (based on 4 ratings)




It has one touch control for quick telescopic leg adjustment and comes with a hard shell carrying case with handle and shoulder strap. The easel also has a useful utility hook on the painting tray.

  • Maximum extended height: 177cm
  • Width: 135cm
  • Weight: 0.95 kg
  • Maximum canvas height: 137cm
Winsor & Newton Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel
Winsor & Newton Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel


For a palette you can use the easel butler support system plus a home made palette (for designs see: Materials & Equipment Course Unit 9 – Plein Air Easels & Palettes Oil)


Aluminum construction.

How to set it up

Simple tripod setup, but you have to find a way to attach your own palette system. This can be combined with the easel butler, or with a custom-built palette.

Compare Winsor & Newton Easel

To compare it with other plein air easels, see my Guide to Plein Air Easels.
To compare it with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.

Bristol Aluminium Sketching Easel Reviews

A viable very inexpensive system: good if you are on a budget

If you combine this with an Easel Butler and build your own palette system, this is an extremely inexpensive system. But it still has one of the highest palette area to weight efficiency ratios. The only problem is that the easel is not all that robust, and that it suffers from the problem common to… Read more “A viable very inexpensive system: good if you are on a budget”

Barry John Raybould


Very flimsy and fiddly to set up. I found bits broke or fell off quickly and poor after-sales from Winsor Newton meant I had to replace the easel with something better very soon. Buy cheap, buy… Read more “Flimsy!”

Chris Jones


I love t his easel. It is very light weight and sets up in 30 seconds. I have been using it for many years and I am glad I bought it. It is starting to wear out now, but I am not complaining because it has given me 100’s of beautiful plein air paintings. My… Read more “NJ”

Denise McDaniel

Great budget easel

This is a great budget easel. It was easy enough for me to set up. I love the portability and the case that can go on the shoulder. Lightweight – which is good bc I have other stuff to carry with it… Read more “Great budget easel”

Judy Newton

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