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Soltek Easel Comparison
Soltek Easel Comparison

Soltek Plein Air Easel


The Soltek Easel is an aluminium constructed and lighter update to the traditional french easel design.

Company name: Soltek Easel


Pochade box name: Soltek Easel

Type: Aluminum Box Easel

Price range:  $450-$500

Weight:  9lb 4.08kg

Palette size: 12″ x 16″, 30 x 40cm

Construction: aluminium

Average Rating: 2.5 stars (based on 8 ratings)



It is an aluminium version of the traditional french easel with many new design features. It has two built in side trays that fold out to reveal the palette. Your canvas is held by a telescoping aluminium rod and plastic side bars.

Features include

  • Quick setup (about 20 seconds)
  • Portable Built-in carrying strap
  • No wing nuts are needed since the legs lock automatically
  • More compact than a traditional french easel.
  • Plenty of storage space for brushes and knives
  • Holds up to a 30″ high canvas
  • Comes with a wet panel carrier
  • Wide leg stance
Soltek Easel
Soltek Easel


It is made of aluminium with various plastic parts added on.

How to set it up

See: Setup Instructions


To compare it with other plein air easels, see my Guide to Plein Air Easels.
To compare it with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.


Better than a French easel

I actually have two of these, one in each studio. I used them for many years as my preferred easel, but after a lot of heavy use it started to have problems. The extension arm for holding the panel was not rigid and caused problems when the wind blew. Some of the plastic edging on… Read more “Better than a French easel”

Barry Raybould

quick set up but now legs are not telescoping

I love my Soltex for the quick set up for plein air. But now the legs are not telescoping in like they should. I’ve carried it home with the legs out.too many times..can’t load it on my wheeled cart…It is 3 years old and I’m 87 years old. I would sell it to anyone that… Read more “quick set up but now legs are not telescoping”

vivian Longfellow
United States


I have several easels/pochades – the one I reach for is the Soltek. It sets up faster than any other situation, it will be up and ready before other people have all their tripod legs out. I use the side trays as part of the palette surface, paint on one side the other used for… Read more “Soltek”

Noelle Naiden

The Soltek is a great

The Soltek is a great system. I loved the ability to take a single system with me in which I could place my paints, easily set it up without a lot of parts. It’s drawback is it’s weight and you must protect the feet of it from sand and dirt. When I would be painting… Read more “The Soltek is a great”

Cynthia Rosen

Soltek what you should know

I bought a Soltek easel around July of 2018. I was really looking forward to using the pochade for it’s quick set up time and light weight. But after finally getting it after a 2-3 month wait, I was disappointed as the pallet part kept slipping downward. I couldn’t get the pallet to stay level… Read more “Soltek what you should know”

Kyle Rauschkolb Jess
United States

Soltek unobtainable

The Amazing Soltek 1. All in one easel is no longer made apparently. I have been trying to find one for three years. Now they have replaced it with a Soltek 2. Which is a two piece easel. Larger. And defeats the object. Why? Oh why?

John Fuller

If you paint in sand forget it

I bought this easel because I saw how easy and fast the set up was, but I painted on a sandy beach and the legs stopped telescoping. I worked with it and got them to go again but then during a competition this summer one would not go down all the way. I toted it… Read more “If you paint in sand forget it”

Delilah a Smith
United States

Pros and Cons

This easel has had steady use since 2014 and, after heavy wood box/half-box easels, this is the one I always use outside and often in the studio. I like the ease of setup, the adjustability, and the aluminum construction (less weight). I do not like the movement while painting, and the plastic bits are vulnerable.… Read more “Pros and Cons”

Mark Butterworth

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