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beauport plein aire easel large format outdoor easel
beauport plein aire easel large format outdoor easel

Beauport Large Format Plein Air Easel

The Beauport Plein Aire Easel is an improved version of the traditional Gloucester and Andersen Easels. You can use Beauport to paint large-size canvases outdoors, in windy conditions. The extra wide foot print of the easel spans 65″ across and 65″ from front to back.

Company name:  Jerry’s Artarama


Easel name: Beauport Large Format Plein Air Easel

Type: Gloucester Easel

Price range:  $350

Weight: 14lbs, 6.35kg

Palette size: 16″x 20″, 40cm x 50cm (minimum)

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 3.7 stars (based on 3 ratings)



Beauport Easel

Beauport plein aire easel large format outdoor easel

  • Holds canvases up to 48″ h × 60″ wide!
  • Accommodates canvases as small as 4×6″
  • Supports a sketch box, palette and roll of paper towels (not included).
  • Folds to 46″ × 3.5″ × 5″ and sets up in less than a minute
  • Includes a forward tilt, helping reduce glare and allowing for easy pastel painting
  • Removable wooden pegs to set the canvas height
  • Accommodates uneven slopes in the terrain
  • Wide stance allows use in windy conditions
  • Wide range of painting angles
  • Quick leg adjustment to compensate for slope of terrain


The easel is made of seasoned hardwood.

The Beauport Easel features a convenient hooked rod to secure your canvas at the top. Since this rod has minimal exposure to the front of the canvas, you can paint to the top edges more easily then with many other easels. In addition, the Beauport uses removable wooden pegs to set the canvas height, which allows you to paint to the very edges of the canvas.

While you’re painting, there is plenty of support up front for a palette and paper towels, plus rear storage of a sketch box filled with supplies. Finally there is an easel sturdy enough to let you paint large on any terrain, even in windy conditions.

How to set it up

The Beauport Easel’s design allows for a wide range of painting angles. In fact, the angle range even includes a forward tilt, helping to reduce glare and allowing for easy pastel painting. The Beauport’s height adjustment system uses an internal spring mechanism you can activate with just the pull of a lever. This lets you set each leg at the ideal height, compensating for the slope of the terrain. Plus, you can easily adjust the height of the easel for sitting or standing.

You can attach a sand bag for extra windy conditions, but you can usually fill an empty bag with sand or dirt after you set up the easel.


  • Includes carrying bag with extra room to store other gear
  • Includes carry strap for filed use
  • An additional 18″ extender leg allows an even greater variance of leg heights. This lets you paint on  uneven slopes in the terrain.
  • May be used in conjunction with a Soleil Traverse Umbrella


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Reviews of Beauport Large Format Plein Air Easel

This easel is basically the

This easel is basically the same design as the highly-rated Take It plein air easel. Although less expensive, it is heavier and so has a lower palette size to weight efficiency ratio compared with the Take It easel. I have not tried this easel personally and so cannot vouch for the quality of the construction,… Read more “This easel is basically the”

Barry John Raybould

3 star is about right.

I purchased this easel at a fundraiser because I like to work large and it accommodates a wide range of sizes. The footprint is great against the wind; but in all honesty, while it is said to be made of hardwood, I had an important piece, the cross bar, broke easily and the screws in… Read more “3 star is about right.”

Cynthia Rosen

tall people take note

I cannot remark on the take it easel, though it may well be faster and easer to set up. I would be surprised to find that it held my canvas more steady and secure than the beauport easel that i have been painting on this past year. I will say, that there is a learning… Read more “tall people take note”

edward corkery
united states

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