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Black Anodized EaselAir
Black Anodized EaselAir

Easel Air

The EaselAir plein air easel has an aluminium construction that is much lighter than  a comparable box French easel, with basically the same concept.

Company name: EaselAir


Pochade box name: EaselAir

Type: Aluminum Box Easel

Price range:  $250-$300

Weight: 4.4lb 2kg

Palette size: 20cm x 25cm

Construction: aluminum

Average Rating: 2.0 stars (based on 1 rating)


This easel is a similar design the the traditional French Easel but weighs about a half of the weight of comparable box French easels. It has two nested palettes that slide out of the box when in use, and slide back in for packing.  It has also has two straps for backpacking

Black Anodized Aluminium EaselAir
Easel Air plein air easel


It’s available in Black anodized aluminum or Clear anodized aluminum. The parts are riveted together.

How to set it up

When setup there is an angle to the panel which leaves the painting surface facing slightly upwards.

easel air plein air easel design
easel air plein air easel design


To compare it with other plein air easels, see my Guide to Plein Air Easels.
To compare it with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.


lightweight but flawed concept

This easel is a nice lightweight design and it is nice that it is an integrated system that does not require a tripod. However the design suffers from two flaws. The first is that the palettes are very small giving the system a very low palette area to weight efficiency rating. The second problem is… Read more “lightweight but flawed concept”

Barry John Raybould

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