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Abbey's Easels Ref 03 Pochade Box

What Is A Pochade Box?

Definition of a Pochade Box

A Pochade Box is a compact box that is designed for painters who paint outdoors or ‘plein air’. The box has a hinged lid that not only serves as a lid to the box, but also supports your painting. Inside the box is stored the palette.

The term ‘Pochade’  is derived from the nineteenth century French verb Poche, which is a type of sketch used in painting. Most modern pochade boxes are designed to be fitted onto a camera tripod as a support.

If you are considering buying a pochade box, check out my Guide To Pochade Boxes.

Additional features

Here are some additional features of pochade boxes

Storage space

Traditionally pochade boxes include an internal space for you to keep all of your painting supplies such as brushes, paints, and thinners. However for reasons I explain in my Guide To Pochade Boxes, this is not necessarily a good idea.

Camera mount

Most modern pochade boxes have a special camera mounting screw thread so that you can place them on top of a tripod for ease of painting.

The one below, I have had for years, and it can take up to three 14 x 10 inch painting boards, which slide into slots in the lid section.

Types of pochade boxes

There are many types of pochade box, from small ones that you hold in your hand, to larger ones that you need to mount on a camera tripod or support on a table.


Typically pochade boxes are made out of wood. But some vendors are now starting to make them out of modern materials such as tough plastics and aluminum.


There are alternatives to pochade boxes when painting plein air. Check out my Guide To Pochade Boxes for a full list.

Gloucester Easel, Take It Easel
Take It Easel, Gloucester Easel for plein air painting



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