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Billups Pochade Box
Billups Pochade Box

Billups Pochade Box

The Billups Box is a compact Pochade Box designed and made by the artist Betty Billups. Its unique features include storage for five thick panels in the box and a double sized folding palette with holes provided for brushes (designed by Barry).

Company name: Better Billups

Website:  not available

Pochade box name: Billups Box

Type: Pochade Box

Price range:  $300-$400

Weight: 4lbs,  1.8kg

Palette size: 10″x 22″,  25.5 cm x 58cm

Construction: acrylic plastic

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 1 rating)


It holds both the palette and the painting supports. It has a folding palette tray that holds a lot of paint and gives a large mixing area (double the size of other boxes of the same dimensions). There are also holes in the palette for holding your brushes so you don’t need to mess around with accessories to hold your brushes while painting.
Billups Pochade Box
Billups Pochade Box


Billups Box is made of a durable plastic that can be fixed, if any part breaks, using acetone (however I have found it to be very durable). The palette is made of acrylic which can crack if dropped.

How to set it up

  • Fits in a medium sized backpack or roller bag.
  • You can carry a complete day’s supply of panels, and paint already laid out on the palette.
  • No need to carry paint tubes.
  • No need to carry separate drying box.
  • Fast setup. No separate palette trays or shelves to attach. Integrated brush holder holes in the palette.
Billups Pochade Box setup
Billups Pochade Box setup

To fit the painting to the box you need a clamp. Whilst this is not a neat solution, it is functional.  You are a bit limited to only painting on the same sized panels (that fit in the box). On the other hand since there is no complex mechanism to hold the painting, there are less things to break, and the box is nice and compact, packing a lot of functionality into a small space.


To compare  with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.

Reviews of Billups Box


This was custom made for me in a 10″x12″ format. I can fit five thick gatorboard panels with linen mounted on them into this box. I have not come across another pochade box that can do that. Also Betty made a folding palette so that my palette is twice the size of the box, and… Read more “Compact”

Barry Raybould

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