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Edge Pro Gear Paint Book
Edge Pro Gear Paint Book

Edge Pro Gear Pochade Box

A high tech pochade box with a magnetic system for holding panels and a removable glass palette.

Company name: Edge Pro Gear


Pochade box name: PaintBook

Type: Pochade Box

Price range:  over $400

Weight:  4lb, 1.81kg

Palette size: 10″x15″, 25.4cm x 38.1cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 4.4 stars (based on 5 ratings)



The PaintBook is a thin pochade box. It uses a patented slide system to hold all standard panels up to 20″ wide using three sliders.  These three points of contact provide a stable painting surface.

The Canvas Slides accommodate up to 22″ wide canvases and XL Canvas Slides accommodating up to 30” wide slides are available as an accessory.

Because of the low-profile design, the panels are held discreetly at each side, allowing full coverage of paint on the canvas.

Edge Pro Gear


The box is made from high quality plywood with a variety of wood finishes including original durable black and ochre painted finishes.

The palette is made of NASA grade glass and is easily removed for easy cleaning. It has been coated in a durable, neutral gray finish for easy color viewing.

How to set it up

Adjustable hinges let you position the lid firmly up to 180 degrees.


The company also supplies painting panels (QuickPanels) that are designed to work with this box.  QuickPanels are sealed with four coats of acid free white acrylic gesso.

Using a magnetic system, you can place each QuickPanel on the lid of the PaintBook and hold it securely. This reduces setup time to a few seconds.

The QuickPanels are 1/8″ thick.


To compare with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.

Reviews of Edge Pro Gear

Not yet seen but question about how much paint it will hold?

I have not yet seen the Paintbook by EdgePro gear, but I can see a couple of potential problems with how much paint you can store on the palette? and with the apparently fiddly method for holding the panels. I don’t like removable pieces because they are so easily lost on painting trips. The removable… Read more “Not yet seen but question about how much paint it will hold?”

Barry Raybould

traveled through Italy painting with convenience

The EdgePro paintbook is light enough to carry around, fits in a regular backpack that handles a laptop and it easy to setup in location. This summer I traveled through Italy painting with convenience because of this easel design, weight and size. The glass palette is the same size as the palette I use in… Read more “traveled through Italy painting with convenience”

Joe Overby


The Paintbook is wonderful…after many different plein air setups this is the most convenient. No fiddly butterfly screws, the magnetic supports side tables and glass palette are just a joy. No difficult opening and closing of the box (as in OpenboxM) and easy to transport as size of a laptop. Thoroughly recommend.


Edge Pro Review

I have the Sketchbook and the Paintbook. I got the smaller Sketchbook for travel and it works great although I found the size too small for my taste. I bought the Paintbook next. I love it! It holds paint that you leave on the palette but you must pay attention not to put paint in… Read more “Edge Pro Review”

Beth Anne Winfield

Not Perfect but Much to Love

I’ve been using the medium-sized Edgepro for about 15 months and my opinion is mostly positive. PROS: 1. The removable gray glass palette is my favorite feature. Easy to clean, easy to judge values, and easy to remove if desired. Love, love, love! 2. The panel holders work well, are strong easy to use, and… Read more “Not Perfect but Much to Love”

Karen Wadsworth
United States

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    • Their website says you can use stretched canvas. Apparently you have to turn the magnetic clips around so they have hooks or something like that house stretched canvas? I don’t have this rig, just thinking about getting it. But I paint thick impasto with lots of color choices so it may not be for me. I mostly use Ampersand GessoBord these days in the field, so assuming those would work with the system as it is. You can also buy optional longer magnetic panel holders that will stretch to 22″ or 30.”

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