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new wave art u. go plein air pochade box

U Go Plein Air Anywhere Pochade Box

The New Wave U Go Plein Air pochade box is a lightweight compact wooden box with magnetic closing and friction hinges.

Company name: New Wave®


Pochade box name: U Go Anywhere U Go Plein Air Pochade Box

Type: Pochade Box

Price range:  $250-$300

Weight:  3.15 lbs 1.43kg

Palette size: 11″x14.5″, 27.94cm x 36.83cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 3.5 stars (based on 2 ratings)


New Wave U Go Anywhere U Go Plein Air Pochade Box

  • Paint Storage:  Paint dabs can be stored on the palette when the lid is closed due to a recessed palette and recessed lid.
  • Recessed Storage Compartment: Located at the rear of the palette measuring approximately 9.5″x1.12″ and 0.88″ in depth with a closed lid.  Can be used to hold paint brushes, paint tubes, wet paint dabs, etc.
  • Product Storage: Smooth exterior free of protruding wood or metal components allows for quick and easy storage in any pack.
  • Surfaces: Maximum Recommended Painting Surface is 14″ Vertical.  Teeth on the stainless steel panel holders are capable of holding panels as thin as 1/16″ and stretched canvas up to 3/4″ thick.



  • Materials:  The product is made using Baltic Birch wood, while stainless steel and aluminum accents provide strength where needed most.  All hardware is non-corrosive.
  • Wood Finish:  non-porous, dense, and resistant to water as well as standard artist solvents and mediums. In addition, the finish is crack proof, chip proof, and non-yellowing.
  • Magnetic Components:  Strong rare earth magnets are used for the closure, panel/canvas holder,  removable side wall for palette cleaning/replacement, and accessory side tray attachment.
  • Friction Hinges: Sturdy 180° range of motion to position the pochade box as vertical or horizontal as you would like. Horizontal set up is perfect for watercolor painting.
  • Tripod Mount:  Anywhere™ Pochade Boxes are compatible with universal 1/4″ tripod mounts.
  • Palette:  A high density plastic palette is included.  Oil paints can be removed with solvents, and dry acrylic paint peels off.  A tempered glass upgrade is available in grey or clear for item #00701.

How to set it up

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Includes one u.go™ Cinch made from silicone. For use with glass palette upgrade or hanging tools. Side trays and additional items available.

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Reviews of New Wave U. Go Plein Air

A high efficiency box but limited paint storage

I have not used this box, but first impressions are quite good. The friction hinge is nice and there is a decent sized palette. Combined with its low weight, this pochade box is towards the top on my palette area to weight efficiency ratio. One major flaw I see with the box though is the… Read more “A high efficiency box but limited paint storage”

Barry Raybould

Used many times

I have used this pochade box many times sitting at my desk and en plein air. I own the medium sized box, 8.4 by 11.25 inches and routinely paint 9 by 20 inch panels on it. It fits easily in my backpack with tripod and camp stool strapped to the outside allowing me to hike… Read more “Used many times”

David Brown
United States

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