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Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite Pochade Box

Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite Pochade Box

The Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite Pochade Box has a unique position control technology for holding the lid. It has a two-panel lid and two clip-on work trays.

Company name: Alla Prima Pochade


Pochade box name:  Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite Pochade Box

Type: Pochade Box

Price range:  $449

Weight:  5lbs 3oz., 2.35kg

Palette size: 11″ x 14″, 27.94cm x 35.56cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 4.7 stars (based on 7 ratings)



The Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite Pochade has storage for 2 panels and detachable work trays instead of storage drawers. This particular model is reviewed here because it is the optimum design from a weight point of view. If you don’t mind carrying more weight, or want to carry more painting supports, try the Alla Prima Yellowstone Standard Pochade.

The Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite pochade box has two auxiliary palettes (or a single full size auxiliary palette), that is stored internally, floating above the main palette with its wet paint laid out.  Brushes, palette knives and slim tools (5/8″ and under) can then store on top of the auxiliary palette, separated from the wet paint below.  Full length brushes will fit diagonally in the space.  Optionally, the auxiliary palette(s) could be left out and 37mm paint tubes then fit, or a foldable water color palette, or a smaller acrylic palette.

The Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite pochade box main palette is easily removable, great for cleaning or long-term storage of wet paint by placing in a plastic container or similar. Or get a piece of tempered glass or Lexan cut to replace the included palette if you prefer different surfaces. 

You can store two wet panels in the lid, and a removable divider gives you options on what sizes you carry.

  • It carries two 11×14″ panels, completely protected.
  • The Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite pochade box includes a removable divider to let you store 8×10/6×8, or 9×12/10×12 panels instead.
  • Two work trays are stored on box, attached securely to box when in use. One is drilled for brushes, one not. Can be mounted upside down if smooth face is desired.



  • Baltic birch palette, 3/4″ deep and allows for addition of glass or plexiglass if desired.
  • Spring loaded panel holder adjusts entirely from the front, no knobs or nuts. Capacity from 0 to 18 vertical.
  • Unique position control technology holds lid wherever you want. No wing nuts or braces to fiddle with. Just open it up.
  • Trays present smooth profile when stored, carry and completely protect full length brushes.
  • 1/4″-20 threaded fitting fits standard tripod or quick release.
  • D-rings with hand strap. Designed so you can attach a shoulder strap.

How to set it up


  • Optional Custom Engraving. Available with a custom engraving on the inside of the lid door (displayed when the box is open.)
  • The Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite pochade box comes with twin auxiliary palettes.  Substitute a single, full size auxiliary palette if you like, or get both options if you might switch back and forth.  Both options adds $15.
  • Four-panel lid option. Can be made with standard Yellowstone four-panel lid as well. Adds 1/2″ to overall height and allows you to use Sunclips. Weight change is only about 8oz.  Adds $12 to the cost


To compare the Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite pochade box with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.

Reviews of Alla Prima Pochade

Well crafted – Alla Prima

I have not tested this particular model, but can vouch for the extremely high quality and craftsmanship of other pochade boxes made by Ben Haggett. His products are works of art in themselves. I actually purchased one of the smaller boxes but since it had storage space for paint tubes, its palette area to weight… Read more “Well crafted – Alla Prima”

Barry John Raybould
United States

no hassle pochade box

I have been using my Alla Prima Yellowstone 11″ x 14″ for a couple of years now without any problems. I like that rare earth magnets replace standard hardware to keep drawers and lid closed so there is nothing sticking out to catch on anything and potentially break off. And it packs easily with other… Read more “no hassle pochade box”

Will Tait

Good box but not for knife painters

This box is a piece of art. Beautifully constructed and functional. It has one major drawback that forced me to buy another pochade …. the magnet system made it impossible to use painting knives. The magnets are so strong they would grab my blades if I got close to them, scraping them across the painting… Read more “Good box but not for knife painters”

Marz Doerflinger

A beautifully crafted box but know what you want

I have the Yellowstone lite. I’ve used this pochade regularly for more than three years and it is a solid choice you wont regret. That said, I’m considering buying another that might suit me better. I find I almost never use the storage slots in the back and consider it a lot of wasted space… Read more “A beautifully crafted box but know what you want”

Christina Robertson

Video Review for Alla Prima Pochade Box

Here’s the link to the video review: I also make art videos about my life as an… Read more “Video Review for Alla Prima Pochade Box”

Sandi Hester
United States

Beautifully Crafted Pochade

I love my Alla Prima Pochade! I have the older 10 x 12 Bitteroot Lite model and glued glass to the bottom of the palette area for easy clean up. The palette area is deep enough to easily store paint without having it touch the panel holder area. Brushes can be stored in the side… Read more “Beautifully Crafted Pochade”

Karen Wadsworth
United States

Bitteroot Lite

I’ve had my Bitteroot Lite for about 2 years now, and I use it in my studio as well as outdoors. That way I am always used to it. I love the side panels and cutouts for laying brushes flat. I’m contemplating putting glass in for a palette/mixing area – currently I use a medium… Read more “Bitteroot Lite”

Susan GB

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Alla Prima Yellowstone Lite Pochade Box

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