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Artwork Essentials EASyL Classic-1 Pochade Box 12-x-16

EasyL Artwork Essentials Pochade Box

A lightweight pochade box from Artwork Essentials that does not have a wet panel carrier on the back like their other models, and is designed to be lighter and less bulky.

Company name: Artwork Essentials, Inc.


Pochade box name: EASyL

Sku: Classic-1 12 x 16

Product link:

Type: Pochade Box

Price range: $350-$400

Weight: 3 lb 14 oz,  1.8kg

Palette size:   11-5/8′ x 15-3/4′, 29cm x 40cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 4.0 stars (based on 1 rating)


The Classic box of Artwork Essentials consists of a spring-loaded panel holder to hold the working panel from the top, and a supporting means to support the panel from the bottom.

On the Classic-Mini and Classic-1, there are two or three pairs of hooks located in different height to support different panel sizes from the bottom. To mount a panel on the Classic-Min or Classic-1, simply turn one pair of the hooks outward, place the working panel onto the hooks, then pull the spring-loaded panel holder from the top until it holds the top of the working panel. The supporting hooks can also support stretched canvas.

Artwork Essentials EASyL Classic 1 Pochade Box 12 x 16


The side hinges are patented and feature a large knob that adjusts the tilt of the working panel in seconds. This is a unique feature of all EASyL pochade boxes that can’t be found anywhere else in the market.

EasyL Artwork Essentials Pochade Box 1

How to set it up


To compare with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.

Reviews of EASyL

A well made box using a traditional design

This is a fairly well made box using a traditional design. The mechanism for holding the canvas works well and does not get in the way of your painting. The slots for storing a painting are too narrow if you are painting on loose canvas which has a tendency to warp in the heat. The… Read more “A well made box using a traditional design”

Barry Raybould
United Kingdom

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EasyL Artwork Essentials Pochade Box 2


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