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OpenBox M Pochade Box
OpenBox M Pochade Box

Open Box M Pochade Box


Open Box M pochade box is a wooden pochade box that is robust and relatively lightweight  with a palette and canvas support.

Company name: Open Box M


Pochade box name: Open Box M

Type: Palette/Panel Holder

Price range: $200-$300

Weight: 3lb, 1.4kg

Palette size: 14″x11″, 35cm x 28cm

Construction: Wood

Average Rating: 3.3 stars (based on 3 ratings)



Open Box M The 11 X 14 Palette/Panel Holder will adjust from an angle of 100 degrees to 180 degrees (completely flat) when fully opened.  The 11 X 14 Palette/Panel Holder has a sliding support arm on each side of the palette.  The arms on the panel holding surface that will stretch to hold the panel in place will extend from 5 inches to 19 1/2 inches horizontal.  Included is one Side Palette Extension that can be attached to either the left or right side of the outer palette.
Open Box M Pochade


The Palette/Panel Holder is made of solid Black Walnut (the outside edges of the device) and Baltic Birch plywood (the palette mixing area and panel holding surface).  The wood is glued and nailed together by hand and then sanded and treated in Danish Oil (natural color) prior to final assembly.

How to set it up




To compare this Open Box M with other pochade boxes, see my Guide to Pochade Boxes.

Reviews of Open Box M pochade box

A good basic lightweight pochade box

This was one of the first pochade boxes I bought and I am still using it 20 years later as my backup box. I like it because it is lightweight and simple. It has been never broken or suffered any damage even though it has fallen over or been knocked over dozens of times. This… Read more “A good basic lightweight pochade box”

Barry Raybould

Light, easy and fast to set up.

I’ve had my 11X14 Open Box-M since they first came out and out of all the setups I have this is the one I use the most. Light, easy and fast to set up. I can be painting in a coupe of minutes. It has plenty of palette space. I’ve add a glass palette to… Read more “Light, easy and fast to set up.”

James Ronald Lee

Order Not Received

I placed an order with Open Box M on February 22 of this year for an 11 x 14 easel. The website said to expect shipment within three weeks of my order. After the expected delivery time passed I wrote to the company. My e-mail wasn’t responded to or acknowledged. I wrote two more times,… Read more “Order Not Received”

Karen S Wadsworth
United States

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  • Please let me know when I can order a box. I’ve been waiting to order and now that I can afford to buy one … they r not available…. so sad ..hopefully … before the spring they will be available once again. I’ll be sooo appreciative to receive one. Thank you & hope all is good!

    • Hi Kathy, I don’t sell the Open M pochade boxes, I just do independent reviews of pochade boxes to help my students when they are choosing plein air equipment

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