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The absolute WORST customer service!!! Ordered The Open Box M this in January and paid for it – was told it would be sent “the next day” – after many texts and emails that were ignored I find myself sitting here in April with no order received. Finally gave up and have had to file a claim with my credit card company to cancel. Extremely disappointed with this Open Box company – don’t waste your valuable time with them! Would give them zero stars if site would allow.

Mel James
April 6, 2023
Open Box M

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  • I was an early customer of OpenBox M, for a very long time they were a good company, their pochades were handmade.
    I own two OpenBox M pochades and various accessories.
    After the (company) founder passed away, OpenBox M slowly went downhill and now it is closed without explanation to their faithful customers. I’ve read they continued to take orders, but did not fulfill them. Recently I noticed that other pochade makers are going cheap with gear made in China, I guess it’s back to making our own pochade boxes.

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