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Do Not Buy Open Box M equipment!

You will likely never receive it.

If you are like me, you’ve seen many successful artists, happily using their Open Box M setup, and saying it’s their favorite rig for plein air painting…

I decided this year would be The Year for me to get serious about plein air painting, and get a real rig to go outside with.
I ordered an 11×14 in March, hoping that even if it took 6 weeks, it would be worth the wait. Well, my card was charged that night, and now… … …

It is August, and in spite of several phone calls, emails, and even a text, still, no Open Box M. The owner Douglas Beers did return one of my calls, with a vague excuse about supply issues, but that was in May. Then, finally, I got an email saying “your order has shipped!!”, but when I clicked on Track Your Order, i see that he set up a shipping label, but has not delivered the box to be shipped, in spite of his saying that it was done and sitting on his counter ready to ship.

That was on July 5th. Now we are into August. Still no word, and no Box. His website is horribly out of date and filled with confusing and contradictory statements about how long it takes and when you can expect to get your order. I can tell you that you can not expect to ever get your gear from this entity.

I have found other reviews that have very similar stories, which I WISH I would have found BEFORE I wasted my money. I hope this review will help save other artists their hard earned money and time, please do yourself a big favor and find a different company to support. Unless you just want to send money to a rich guy who never responds and taunts you by saying your order is done but does not ship it.
He only gets one star because they don’t let you give zero. I will be going to Alaska to paint without his equipment.

J Klinski
August 4, 2022
Open Box M


  • Same thing happened to me. Winter of 2022 I ordered two brass hooks as mine snapped when the wind pulled my Open M Box over. This is my all time favorite box and I would order a back up if I thought I could get one. My hook order never came, my account was charged, but no response from Open Box M even after multiple attempts to contact them. I contacted PayPal in the spring of 2023 and they quickly refunded. Turned out ok, but what a bummer.

  • I’m sorry this happened to you. Thank you for warning us. It’s so unfair that you didn’t get anything, and no response. Any updates?

  • Call your credit card company ASAP and let them know what is going on. Tell them you have a potential fraud case and would like to have your charges rescinded because of your situation. Good luck! (FWIW: When I finally contacted Paypal about my non-delivered OBM and escalated the case they got right on it. What a “coincidence”–the same afternoon I received an authentic shipping notice from UPS that my easel had actually shipped. Apparently it takes an actual threat from an outside source to get Mr. Beers to follow through. I will add that the easel arrived four days later and is fine, but never, ever, will I order from OBM again.)

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