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I’ve had 3 sizes of OBM boxes for almost 20 years, and they are fairly reliable, fairly easy to set up, and give you enough painting space. These days I use the 11×14 box exclusively and have considered selling the 8×10 and 12 x 16. I like the fact that the boxes are deep enough that your paint doesn’t ever get on the lid, and that the 11×14 accommodates up to a 20 wide canvas. I like that there are hooks to hang your Gamsol cup, although those are fairly easy to lose. I also like the brush holder that fastens to the side because I truly dislike putting brushes back into little holes like some systems offer–never worked for me! But getting the side pieces attached is another finicky thing and probably the magnetic system that other boxes offer is easier. An additional finicky thing is setting the angle of the lid –there’s always a screw that is too tight and won’t work right. The systems that have stops where you set the lid seem much easier to use. At this point, you can probably tell that I’m not very handy so what’s not working right stays that way. I’ve found that the box isn’t stable enough on a standard quick release, so I use a broader one. The metal wings that extend out to clamp your canvas or board in place are finicky–I try to get my board in place from my car before I’m in the field, especially if I’m maxing the size, but that isn’t always possible. It seems there are easier systems on other boxes. It’s a decent, very functional box, but could probably adapt some improvements–more magnets?–from its competitors. At this point, I’m looking for a lighter box. My 11×14 box weighs 3.8 lb without paint and including the brass brush holder. Not sure why no one is making an aluminum box and why so many are stuck on wood–wouldn’t aluminum be lighter and just as sturdy?

Claudia L Brookes
July 22, 2022
Open Box M


  • If anyone wants to sell their Open Box M 11×14 or 8×10, I am interested. @amylynn on FB or @amyhauserart on Insta.

  • I have a 12×16 and would love to have other sizes as well. Please PM me @amylynn on FB if selling

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