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Order Not Received

I placed an order with Open Box M on February 22 of this year for an 11 x 14 easel. The website said to expect shipment within three weeks of my order. After the expected delivery time passed I wrote to the company.

My e-mail wasn’t responded to or acknowledged. I wrote two more times, again with no response or acknowledgement. About a month ago I received a notice that my order was “shipped” by UPS. However, the tracking number has remained in the “label created” phase and I haven’t received my order. I contacted UPS and they confirmed that they haven’t received the package for shipment.

When I attempted to call Open Box M I heard a recorded message explaining that they had been very busy and were working on catching up. Meanwhile they are continuing to take orders on their website and my order remains unshipped.

Bottom line: I am going to cancel my order placed through Paypal. It’s a shame because this has been a good product in the past. If you can find a used easel in good condition it’s worth considering if you can buy it from a private party.

BUT–run, don’t walk from any new orders with this company! Caveat emptor.

Karen S Wadsworth
United States
May 10, 2022
Open Box M


  • I ordered my easel last year in April and prepaid for it. It was recommended by several instructors and fit my needs. However, the three week delivery came and went and followups were met with the same recording of “very busy and don’t leave a message. Should have been a tipoff. Italy trip came and went in September without the new easel.
    I continued to call, text and email up until today. He is a thief and stole the money. Now the text will not deliver, so that is that. Another crook living off artist.
    Neva Townsend 05/26/2023

  • Open Box M took payment of $311 from me on Nov 2, 2022. (They said my order should ship 2-3 weeks after purchase.) After months of waiting, texting asking for updates and little reply, they told me my order was ready to ship around the end of January – it did not and communication was very very challenging.

    On Feb.22 I asked that my order please ship by March 1st or else to please give me a refund.

    On March 2, Open Box M texted “I lost my motivation to fill your order when you put me on your deadline.”

    I’m trying to get a refund but there is no response to my requests. I’m incredibly disappointed and frustrated as now they have have my money and have chosen not to fill my order after I waited patiently for 4 months.

    Sadly I am not the only one with this experience…

  • Hi,

    I’m having exactly the same problems with this company. I placed an order for the palette/panel holder and a couple of accessories back in May 2022. Absolutely no communication from them for weeks so I sent them an email in August and I received what seems to be an automated reply which someone has reproduced here.
    By the end of this month (October) I tried to contact them again only to receive the same automated reply.
    I, too, have contacted Paypal in the hope of recouping my money.
    I feel so disappointed and cheated. I don’t know how people can operate in this way with such impunity.

  • I have had the same frustrating experience. I ordered and paid for my Open M box in June. It’s going on 16 weeks now. I emailed in August and now again in Sept. Both times I received what seems to be a cut and pasted response which seems to be a delaying tactic. Both times I’ve asked for an estimated date for completion and gotten nothing. I will try and paste his response here. > Thank you for your email and please understand that you are important to Open Box M. If you have received a tracking number on your order and it has not shipped, please expect that order to ship within the next 1 – 2 business days. If you are checking on an order, I expect to be through all orders placed up to June 10th by the end of this week (July 23). Please understand there is only one person here that is doing EVERYTHING and currently my lower back has been in quite a lot of pain so I have been limited in some of my daily abilities and have not been able to complete tasks as quickly as I would like. If you have placed an order and have not canceled it, I will get it done as I approach it. I am currently 4 – 5 weeks out on most orders for Palette/Panel Holders. Also, do please understand that if you are impatient or rude, I have a very hard time communicating with you at all, You can also text 3072506151, Thanks for understanding and I will do my best to take care of you once it is your turn and I have time.
    > This was the same response both times. Well July 23 has come and gone. It’s now Sept 21st. I guess he’ll get to it when he has the time 🙁 I was willing to wait if he had just given me an ETA. Now I guess I’ll have to go through paypal to get my money back. Very disappointing customer service.
    Tony Elliott, Maryland,USA

  • Hello

    Same issue for me.

    4 month to receive my order, after several unanswered emails.
    I had to open a claim via paypal, and finaly they dispatched the parcel.

    I though it was finally an happy ending.

    But when I opened the parcel, only the panel/palette holder from my order was present and even incomplete…
    all others items were missing…

    So disappointed…

  • I have had exactly the same experience as Karen Wadsworth – ordered March 23rd, 2022 and not received. Not answering my phone calls or emails. I finally sent Open Box a registered letter that required a signature ($35 CDN cost). Tracking of my letter said they attempted delivery but no authorized recipient available; reminders sent and was unclaimed. My letter is on the way back to me.

    I finally called PayPal 2 days ago and they got right on it. Big, big surprise, I got an email today from Open Box that my order has been shipped by USPS. We will see – I will follow the tracking closely. Thanks Karen Wadsworth for your comment and warning.
    Melodie Wynne, Ontario, Canada

    • Hi Melodie,

      I’m just curious, did you ever receive your order? I just opened a case with paypal on mine. After many months of waiting and after texting the merchant I did receive a response that my order was being shipped. Checked the tracking number and a label had been created but nothing has been shipped. That was a week ago. Another delaying tactic it seems. So I contacted paypal. Hope you were able to resolve your issue.
      Tony Elliott

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