Virtual Art Academy


I have several easels/pochades – the one I reach for is the Soltek. It sets up faster than any other situation, it will be up and ready before other people have all their tripod legs out. I use the side trays as part of the palette surface, paint on one side the other used for more mixing area. Out of the car or at home I put a piece of lexan over the whole thing to get the same area with one unobstructed space. It cannot be stored outside – the plastic parts froze and broke, so I replaced them. I use rubber dog booties or balloons on the ends of the legs covering the button that allows them to telescope – it stops sand from getting in and have had no problems with the legs. In a wind the upper arm for the panel won’t stay straight unless I tighten the allen nut – I simply turn the easel so the wind blows across it rather than on it. Like I said, it’s the one I pull out first. Others are a Strada pochade, Strada Mark 2 and a GPainter thumb box.

Noelle Naiden
July 20, 2019
Soltek Easel