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The Soltek is a great

The Soltek is a great

The Soltek is a great system. I loved the ability to take a single system with me in which I could place my paints, easily set it up without a lot of parts. It’s drawback is it’s weight and you must protect the feet of it from sand and dirt. When I would be painting on the road for a week or two at a time, it started to get really heavy feeling; but I am in my 60’s.

This legs adjust easily to heights and this easel has stood up in 35 mph winds. (I had to lay my 24×36″ painting almost flat to cut through the wind, and prayed it would not break the easel, but it all worked well. I used a bungee cord across the back of the painting support to hold the painting tight.

i used nitrile gloves to protect the feet from sand when I was in the desert or on the beach. If you don’t use them or fit tennis balls (or the such) over the feet you run the risk of jamming the retractable legs. Soltek will fix the legs if you have a problem but regretfully trying to get a leg off I actually totally broke the metal connector.

I still think it is a wonderful easel and it did fit in my carryon.

Cynthia Rosen
July 21, 2019
Soltek Easel