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Award Winning Painting: Primitive Pots, by Sue

The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Award: Sue from Virtual Art Academy

Sue has been studying with the Virtual Art Academy now for five years. This painting recently won the award given by the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour at the recent selected exhibition of the Society of East Anglian watercolourists.

Comment by Barry

Apart from showing a technical mastery of this difficult medium, this painting has a wonderful creative design.

The deliberate tangent on the circle on the front pot and the circle on the left hand pot is a nice exception to the rule about tangents, and works brilliantly.

In this painting it sets up a tension on the circle shape, drawing attention to it. It reinforces the repetition of this shape in other areas of the painting.

The other thing I rather like, even though it apparently was not intentional, is the anthropomorphic design of the pots. There is a suggestion of eyes and a mouth, and of a family with a child. You can even imagine a conversation between the three of them! What Sue did well was to create sufficient variety between the three major shapes to make the design interesting.

The color harmony, notan design, and unequal space division are all perfect. And the triadic optical color mixing adds another level to this work. (See lesson P07 Triadic Optical Color Mixing.)

Congratulations Sue for a well deserved award!


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Thank you for the gift of this incredible learning tool

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