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The course is for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists

I joined VAA in 2014, it seemed a perfect fit in content, ease of access and cost. It turned out to be all of this and much more. The wealth of information on all practical aspects of painting is invaluable and I think incomparable to anything else out there. The course structure is such that you can work through everything systematically or choose to focus on your own weaknesses. Whichever you choose, you will benefit immensely. The course is for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists. It covers the basics, laying a solid foundation for drawing, color, composition and design. Building on this it takes you to advanced levels of color harmony and creating your own unique art. You meet likeminded people from all around the world, each on their own journey. Encouraged and motivated by the progress I saw in others, my own work improved. This was confirmed by people who did not know I was studying through VAA. It took me 4 years to complete and it was worth every minute and every cent. I can highly recommend this course for any artist wanting to go to the next level. Go for it, put in the time and dedication and thank me later! Thank you to Barry Raybould for sharing your knowledge and expertise and for creating this excellent platform.

Karin Combrink
South Africa
December 21, 2018
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