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Congratulations VAA Alumni Student Georgie Rey: Selected for this years Pastel Art Society Exhibition

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Well done Georgie

It’s always great news when a graduate of the Virtual Art Academy has a major success. So huge congratulations to Georgie Rey for being accepted into 2024 Pastel Art Society Exhibition, at the Mall Galleries in January/February 2024.

Not only that, but her painting “Buriton Farm In Turquoise/White Wild Flowers” has been accepted for the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London from 29 February – 9 March 2024. Well done again, Georgie!

Comments from Georgie Rey

“I found VAA online and did one of Barry’s courses in Knysna many years ago (12!) then signed up and started following Barry’s course. I learnt about Notans, Values, simplifying big shapes, colour pairs…. and it made so much sense. Working through the programme and doing the exercises you develop an eye for a good composition and learn about the details that make up a good picture: the lessons have sunk into my subconscious.

Barry always talks a lot about values, values and values….. One of his important tips was to just work in black and white paint or a range of grey compressed charcoal sticks for a long time just do exercises (Notan, Outline Study, 7 value study, colour map, 7 value colour study) and not make paintings for a year or two! This really helped me to make progress.

The dry pastel painting “Mill Pond Bottom” was done on site as a sketch and the oil pastel painting “Buriton Farm” was done in the studio trying to resolve the foreground and composition problem I was having! I like to keep going back to the same place over a year or 2 or 3 !! (that works for me) I am always trying different mediums and sizes and often go back to charcoal when I get stuck.

Since 2022 I’ve had paintings selected at The Pastel Art Society, The Chelsea Art Society, The New English Art Club and The Royal Society of British Artists (Mall Galleries). I’m still experimenting and often feel frustrated that there isn’t one size and one medium that I stick to, but that’s creativity isn’t it?

I open my studio in June:

Please pop in to say Hello, and chat about my VAA experience.”

P.S. Here is Georgie’s website and story

… and some of her wonderful art work

Invest in her work now before she gets too famous!

I started learning oil painting with VAA from scratch. Just one year later my paintings started to sell

The Virtual Art Academy program is really comprehensive and gave me all the information and directives to learn painting in one package. The material is very well organized, just beautiful

Thomas Ruckstuhl

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Barry John Raybould
Virtual Art Academy

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