Virtual Art Academy

Alumni Showcase

Work done by graduates of the Virtual Art Academy who are now professional artists.

oil painting of Venice

Sun Rises over St Marks in Venice

I got up before dawn to carry my pochade box setup to St Mark’s Square in Venice and then waited for the first light of the day. When the sun rose it hit the spires of St Marks turning it into a beautiful display...

street scene painting of Venice

Painting of Venice – Via Garibaldi, Castello

Cat. No. 923 Via Garibaldi Venice – 9in x 12in – Oil on Linen Several years ago I lived in Venice. I will always have fond memories of the street where I painted this sketch. It is one of the few remaining...

Notre Dame 4

Notre Dame

Cat. No. 1248 Notre Dame Fire “Tribute to Compassion” – Oil on Linen – 60cm x 60cm – 2019 I painted this today because I have a very personal connection to Paris. It was the French painters...

Award Winning Painting: Primitive Pots, by Sue Downie 8

Award Winning Painting: Primitive Pots, by Sue Downie

The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Award: Sue Downie from Virtual Art Academy Sue has been studying with the Virtual Art Academy now for five years. This painting recently won the award given by the Royal...