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Video Of Exhibition of Plein Air Work in China by Meng Qing Sheng

Here is a video tour of a major exhibition in China of Barry’s student Meng Qing Sheng.

After four years of studying with Barry John Raybould each year, Meng is now one of China’s most exciting young artists and is now a leading figure in the 21st century Neo-Impressionist movement in China.

Meng’s work is a perfect example of the application of the ideas of Visual Music & Poetry in art – the core philosophy behind the Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program.

You can see some of Meng’s exciting work in this video of his exhibition.

meng qing sheng plein air china

Just so you can see the major change in Meng’s work, here is the work he was doing before he came into contact with the ideas in Barry’s Virtual Art Academy.

Before the Virtual Art Academy – 4 years ago

After the Virtual Art Academy – now


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It is a real course that trains you in a structured way

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