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painting lesson on saturation

Avoid Over Saturating Colors In Nature

PinShare Saturation is a property of color that measures how intense or pure that color is. Grays are low saturation colors, and vivid colors are high saturated colors. Another name for saturation is...

Cat. No. 1228 Xiamen Huli Shan Theater

Visual Elements Of Art: The Three Components of Color

Pin119Share1120 Shares (Get free painting tips and techniques sent straight to your inbox.) Understanding The Three Components of Color: Hue, Value, and Saturation Understanding hue, value, and saturation is critical...

Creating Color Maps

Pin29Share2251 Shares Why Create a Color Map? There is one technique that will help you learn more about a color in a few months than many people learn in a lifetime. Not only will it help you learn color but it will...