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Family Matter, by Thomas Ruckstuhl 1

Family Matter, by Thomas Ruckstuhl

A very nice still life by one of our Graduates: Thomas Ruckstuhl. Great color!

Family Matter, by Thomas Ruckstuhl 2


Barry John Raybould

Barry John Raybould, M.A. (Cantab) is an award-winning professional artist who works primarily in oils, but who also has extensive experience in watercolors.

His work is a contemporary fusion of impressionistic and expressionistic styles that integrates color, design and brushwork to convey a strong sense of mood and feeling.

Originally from England, Raybould lived in the United States for many years and was one of the group of Central Coast artists known as the ‘Informalists,’ and an artist member of the prestigious California Art Club, one of the oldest professional art organizations in the United States.

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